CD REVIEWS! Hot CDs for your collection

It's the weekend baby and what better way to party it up with some hot new music for your collection. The Beat sniffed around and found these four CDs that we highly reccomend for your music collection.

INXS - The Very Best
One of Australia’s greatest music exports INXS have sold more than 30 million records worldwide, played close to 5000 shows to tens of millions of fans in over 40 countries. Their catalogue of studio albums spill global hits from every pore. Throughout the 80s and 90s INXS were a consummate global rock band with a musical distillation of strength, sensitivity, unity and intelligence. ‘INXS The Very Best’ not only portrays a formidable back catalogue that helped define a generation, but is a mere taster of the catalogue from one of the greatest stadium bands of the past 30 years. This has been celebrated with countless awards throughout the bands career, from Brits to MTV awards. INXS’ sound remain timeless, as this collection so perfectly demonstrates.

Various Artists - 2012 Grammy Nominees  
With the Grammy Awards around the corner, this is a nifty collection of some of great artists nominated for this year. It's pop, rock, R&B all fused together. Some of the artist on this great disc include Adele, Bruno Mars, Katy Perry, Maroon 5 feat Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Foster The People, The Black Keyes, Coldplay and Foo Fighters to mention a few. It's mainstream music that will appeal to the masses and is a must for your music collection, should you follow mainstream radio friendly music.

Maleh - Step Child 
After a brief stint as one of the most featured female vocalists on the local house music scene, Maleh has launched an explosive solo career. The talented singer has just released irresistible project simply called, Step Child. Maleh, who has collaborated with every type of DJ in South Africa, from The Infinity Boys to DJ Qness and DJ Kent, just inject a unique album that puts her in a different space. Fusing afro-soul, jazz and a bit of house sound, the songbird’s project can be described as mature and appealing to the international market. Brining something different from what she is known for, the project incorporates a lot of soulful melodies while also maintaining some dance elements that most people love. Whether you understand music language or not, this release is proof enough that music is indeed a universally spoken masterpiece. What Maleh is transcribing here should be a dedication to any music lover because her musical art has the ability to turn what is impossible, possible.

Kabomo - All Things Grey   
Finally! After a decade of working behind the scenes in the entertainment industry, known as a creative schizophrenic for his many talents, Kabomo has taken the step to release what is undoubtedly the most anticipated collection of songs to date. With a sound like no other in the music scene, the multi-talented musician and producer has finally released his debut album All Things Grey. The new album carries well produced world sounds influenced by lifestyles, break beats of lyrical street hip hop and the hums of honest classy vintage soul. On the project, Kabomo features some of the best musicians in South Africa including, RJ Benjamin; HHP, Nothende, Max-Hoba, Dineo Moeketsi, Khuli Chana, Samthing Soweto of The Fridge and MXO. When one listens to this release, it is clear that Kabomo fully understands the genres he is pursuing. His commitment to breathing life to each song is evident in most of the songs. But the artist’s strong showcase is how he is able to touch the inner soul with his music – something difficult to find in an artist.