Judith Sephuma - A Decade in (jazz) music

It's been a long and winding road for local jazz singer Judith Sephuma who celebrates a decade in music. For her it all began way back when she was an 13-year-old teenager who, after singing for the late Breda Fassie before a show in Polokwane, was invited to sing with Brenda at the show. "I was stunned," she told Sowetan Live. The Beat caught up with Judith to talk to her about her incredible journey in the music industry.
Judith Sephuma

Congratulations with 10 years in music, Judith! How do you feel about being a decade in the music industry? It's been 10 years since the release of A Cry A Smile and  A Dance, I have had the best time of my life in this industry and it's continuing to be that great still.
How are you planning on celebrating: a decade in music? I have been on the 10 year Legacy Tour and it's been wonderful being on the road with great musicians. My life is a celebration daily you know. I have so much to be proud of and I am grateful to God daily. My celebrations continue on 4 and 5 February with a special show at Gold Reef City in Johannesburg, where I will record my first ever live DVD. I will be accompanied by a huge orchestra led by music maestro Themba Mkhize. The show will also feature Oliver Mtukudzi, her daughter, Tebelelo and jazz maestro Selaelo Selota. I am going to deliver a world-class act with a beautiful repertoire from her four albums. There was no way I could leave the orchestra out. Orchestras are my first love. I have been performing with the Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra all these years.
Looking back on your career so far, what has been your personal stand out / favourite moment? Wow, that's difficult to say because I have great moments most of the time. The recent one is being part of the ANC centenary celebrations. I have had great shows at the Tate Theatre, Meropa Casino in Polokwane, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Maputo, Grahamstown, so many places I can mention.
Can you remember the first song you ever performed? Wow, I don't remember, it was possibly a song like Paradise Road or something, I don't remember.
Aren't you nervous when performing live? No, I am never nervous, instead I get excited, but I have moments, very few moments where I get nervous, it's good I guess.
A message to your fans? It's been wonderful years because of your support. Don't get tired of supporting me. Thank you!