NEW! Norah Jones CD

Norah Jones
Norah Jones is set to release her new album entitled Little Broken Hearts, a collaboration with the producer and musician Danger Mouse. The two first worked together when Danger Mouse called upon Norah to contribute vocals to his acclaimed 2011 album Rome, and their connection proved deep enough that they decided to collaborate on Norah's fifth studio album. Little Broken Hearts, which features original songs co-written by Norah and Danger Mouse, is the fascinating next step in the artistic evolution of one of the most intriguing singers to have emerged in the past decade. Together they have married their highly personal styles to create an entirely new sound. It was that singular voice that caught the attention of Danger Mouse as he began to conceptualise Rome, his homage to classic Italian film score music. He already had Jack White in mind for the male role, and he and his collaborator Daniele Luppi realised that Norah’s voice would give the project the perfect balance it needed. Norah contributed three standout songs to Rome (check out a stripped-down live acoustic version of “Black” on and around the same time she and Danger Mouse began working on some of the material that would eventually become Little Broken Hearts. The duo reconvened in Danger Mouse’s Los Angeles studio to finish what they had begun.