Adam Lambert gets more daring

Adam Lambert
American Idol eighth season runner-up Adam Lambert has revealed that he has included a collection "f**k you" songs on his new album, reports Digital Spy.  The singer will release his second studio LP Trespassing later this year, following his new single 'Better Than I Know Myself'. He told the Daily Star: "There are songs on the album about me rebelling against society and saying, 'F**k you, I'll do what I want'. 'Cuckoo' is about me acknowledging I'm insane and celebrating that fact. And 'Shady' is a sleazy, disco funk about cruising for sex, so it will be interesting to see how Middle America interprets that." Despite the promiscuous lyrics, Adam explained that he is happy in his current relationship with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen. He added: "I'm so happy to be in a committed relationship. "I haven't had many relationships. I've seen and slept with a lot of great people but I've always wanted to find someone to be in love with and now I've found it I'm holding on tight."