BREAKING NEWS! The end of Evolver One?

Evolver One with Pete in front with the mic in the hand
Local rock group Evolver One's future hangs in the balance after front man Peter Pote resigned from the band on Saturday. In a statement he released, Peter said, "I personally felt that Evolver One had run its course. One reaches a stage in their career where change is necessary and a different direction essential for creativity and personal growth.  Evolver One was an incredible journey – 3 successful albums, over 500 shows locally and overseas, at least 11 songs play listed nationally and a string of hits. Of course, meeting and forming some great relationships along the way has been priceless. I am by no means retiring from the music business and am very excited about many prospects and opportunities that have started to present themselves to me. I shall be working very hard with my team to set the ball in motion and look forward to sharing news of my career developments as and when each element unfolds. Not too long from now I hope!" Peter was co-founder and part of the band for nine years. Asked if this is the end of Evolver One, Pete's publicist Tim Hill, replied by saying "I am not in a position to comment as I now represent Peter and not the band."
* After the story was printed, The Beat heard that apparently Evolver One will continue as normal.