CD REVIEW! Mi Casa - Music

If you have not heard of the house band Mi Casa, you clearly have been living under a rock. These guys have been blazing the airwaves across the country with their soulful sounds as well as getting raving reviews from their live performances. Made up of three very talented musicians Micasa is taking house music to a whole new level, with Dr Duda on the rocking beats, Mo –T‘s brilliance with the Trumpet and J’Something on superb vocals. Brownie points to J’Something for being  easy on the eye, but he is not just a pretty face his voice adds intensity to the already faultless sound. The 14 track album which consists of uber hot tunes from the ever so popular “These Streets” to “La Vida’’ and “Heavenly Sent” all the way to the last track “Beautiful” is carefully put together to seduce any music lover’s senses. The only downside to the album is that just when you are about to thoroughly get into the rhythm the track ends and a new song starts. It would be brilliant if the songs could just flow into each other and keep on going till the cows come home, other than that the album is a great investment. They may be the new kids on the block but Mi Casa is trailblazing their way to success, hopefully they will walk away with a SAMA or two this year. To see what Mi Casa is up to you can catch them on facebook: micasamusic or follow Micasa on twitter: @micasamusic or just visit their website: (By Tsholofelo Kgosimmele)