CD REVIEW! Robin Thicke - Love After War

Robin’s fifth studio album, Love After War, is McSteamy affair that will have you and your lover in the bedroom in no time! This is Thicke at his most raw and honest condition yet. This was an album born out of a desire to be the uncompromising, idealistic artist he was as a boy, married with the weight of being a man with responsibilities and the scars of the past. Love After War and songs you'll discover within it, like "An Angel on Each Arm", "I'm An Animal", "Never Give Up", "Cloud 9", "Pretty Lil' Heart" and "Tears On My Tuxedo" need no explanation: they speak for themselves. Robin believes a song can be whatever the listener wants it to be. The reasons and decisions that lead him to write his songs are not important; what matters most is how they make the listener feel. Robin is as faithful to his fans as they are to him. His ultimate desire is to entertain the listener… to move them… to inspire them… to make them love more. A perfect give for Valentine's Day!