EXCLUSIVE! Lonehill Estate ready to takeover Hollywood

It’s a dream come true for every South African band - to play in America. Johannesburg based acoustic rock band Lonehill Estate is about to take on America when they jet off to glitz and glam of Los Angeles for a couple of gigs. The Beat sat down with Nathan Ro (vocals and acoustic guitar for the band) as they prepare for the trip. He opened up about what they will be packing, their preparation for the gigs, what’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever thrown on stage and their new material coming out later this year!

Lonehill Estate
How did you guys end up playing Hollywood? We have the privilege of being invited to Musexpo (an annual international music and media conference held in Hollywood) for a showcase by the organisers that found us online.
When did you hear for the first time you're going to LA/Hollywood? There was some talk of it happening towards the end of last year but was confirmed in Februatry.
Where in LA/Hollywood will you play? We will be playing at the Musexpo in Hollywood and the Viper Room on the sunset strip!
What do you expect from the international audience? We have absolutely no clue! What we do know is that people are people and that generally what people in SA like, most international audiences should be able to appreciate too.
How did you decide to on the set list? We want to play a tight set that sums up who we are and showcases us best. Once we know what our goal is, the songs choose themselves.
Any fun/awkward/weird moment/incident you can tell us about in preparations for the trip? Yes, Nathan has started speaking in an American accent now and then. Very embarrassing.…!!
With any rock show, fans usually throw things on stage. What do you guys usually do with the stuff and what was the weirdest object someone has thrown on stage? We once had a bra thrown on stage that had a cup size that was off the alphabet scale! I am pretty sure it was used in a 'Yo Mamma' joke!
What does playing "America" mean for you as a band? Extra kilos from all the fast food!! Seriously, it is every musicians dream to be able to showcase your music and songs in America and for us its no different.
Any possible future trips/developments from this? We haven't even been on the trip and there is already some interest in Germany and Japan so it could end up being a very exciting year for Lonehill Estate!
What other big projects do you guys have lined up for 2012? We will have a full length album out towards the end of March that will include our singles and some exciting new material!
What advice would you guys give to any band playing international? Not sure, we haven't done it yet! I do think that bands need to be true to themselves regardless of where they play.
When you guys travel, what's the 5 most important things you pack in? iPods, Tea Bags, Fruit, Duck Tape and most importantly Steri Stumpies!
How did you get over jet leg in general? We take a small trampoline and portable candy-floss machine on international flights. 3 hours before the allotted bedtime we make the floss and jump for three hours solid... this ensures a good nights rest is had by all.