Grammy winners 2012

The winners has been announced as expected, British darling Adele dominated the 2012 Grammys with six wins, including a sweep of Album, Record and Song of the Year. Foo Fighters notched five wins followed by MIA and Kanye West with four. Bon Iver was named Best New Artist. The mood of the event was electrifying but also dampened  with the news of pop diva Whitney Houston's death. E! reports that many artists paid tribute to the singer on the red carpet:
"A lot of people stayed up real late trying to figure something out, and I hope that Whitney Houston's family and friends, first of all, and the rest of the people watching appreciate what we do." — Grammy host LL Cool J on finding the best way to pay tribute to Whitney Houston during the awards.
"She sang the backdrop of our lives, you know. She really was the soundtrack of a lot of emotions and the different moments that we've all went through over these last 25 years." — Billy Ray Cyrus on Whitney Houston
"My heart is heavy. My prayers go out to her mother, her daughter. Because if we feel this great of a loss, I can only imagine how heavy their hearts are." — Kelly Rowland, on Whitney Houston's passing