Lady Gaga: "Adele deserved every award"

Lady Gaga at the Grammy's 2012
For those who were lucky enough to have seen the Grammy Awards on Sunday evening, you would have seen that Adele lifted the roof when she sang Rolling In The Deep and got a standing ovation from everyone...except Momma Monster, Lady Gaga. The 'Born This Way' singer took a while to get up, after the rest of the audience were already on their feet going nuts for Adele's performance. So we thought maybe Lady Gaga was upset losing to Adele in every category they were nominated in against each other. Surprise surprise, it was not the case! The singer insisted that Adele should have won a seventh Grammy for being a "lovely" woman. Lady GaGa wrote on Twitter: "What a beautiful night last night was, Adele deserved every award she won and perhaps an extra one for being such a kind and lovely woman." Meanwhile, Adele has described her live comeback performance at the ceremony as a "really peaceful" experience. Bliss!