Sasha Martinengo - the Italian music Stallion

Sasha Martinengo (5FM)
Well-known 5FM music presenter/DJ and F1 lover, Sasha Martinengo, is leaving the station at the end of March. On the 5FM web page, station manager Aisha Mohamed explained that "The decision comes as part of the station’s annual line-up change, which takes place from 1 April 2012. Line-up changes are an unfortunate part of the radio landscape. Every year 5FM, along with the SABC ‘s 17 other radio properties, evaluate their on-air line-up for the year ahead. Sasha will unfortunately not be with us from April onwards. The change comes as part of a long-term strategic plan to revise our on air offering. We are enormously appreciative of Sasha’s incredible work ethic, his dedication to the listeners and his support of the 5FM brand. The station however needs to evolve and change as our listeners do. It has been absolutely wonderful working with Sasha. He’s been a huge asset to the 5FM team and we will miss him as an on-air personality and as a team player.” Sasha commented by saying “Working at 5FM hasn’t just been a job, it’s been my life. I’d like to think I have entertained my listeners over the years. I have had a brilliant time and will miss my 5FM family. Thank you for all the years of fun and support.” The Beat caught up with Sasha to talk about him leaving, his love for fast cars, music and the Italian blood that runs through his veins.  
When did you hear about the changes coming and how did you feel about it? I was told on a Thursday afternoon, 2 weeks ago. I wasn't very happy.
What are you going to miss the most at your job at 5FM? The continuous new music and the freedom to be oneself on air
Can you give us a glimpse into a day in the life of Sasha Martinengo? Up early, drop kids at school. Do my radio show, voice overs, read on F1, get ready for next day's radio show. Maybe some meetings, maybe nothing so chill at home.
Can you remember the first tune you ever played on 5FM? Lightning seeds - Change.
You are also very involved with the F1 scene. A good friend of mine, Jaco Janse van Rensburg, from Wellington, actually won a ticket to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, which you also attended. Where did you love for fast cars started? I have always loved cars since I was about 5 years old. I went to  my first grand prix when I was 6 and I saw F1 and fell in love
How did you end up combining your love for music/DJ and fast cars? Both are about melody and passion. Quite simple. I live them both.
So who is Sasha when he is not in front of the microphone? A passionate Italian that loves to make other people smile and happy.
Tell us a bit about your home life - wife, children? I have a wife, ha ha, she has been incredibly supportive during the years. My two kids are a joy. My daughter is Deputy Head Girl at Brescia House which is just brilliant and my son has just started high school and already made the 1st XI cricket side. Every day is a blessing to be with them.
What do listeners not know about Sasha? Well, I have been rather open with them during the years so I don't think there is to much they don't know. Perhaps that I am ambidextrous and my eyes are different colours.
You have any pets? I have cats. My kids have 2 dogs.
What makes you laugh, and what makes you angry? British humour, I only get angry when people are inefficient or incompetent. I am Italian and can blow up for no reason sometimes too.
So what is your future plans? I am working on some things. Nothing yet but I still will be on SuperSport presenting F1.
You have released great CDs, will you still be doing that in the near future? Thank you. Yes I will. Music will always be part of my life.
If you could choose a song to close the show, which one would it be and why? I know the song, listen on 30 March to find out. It is a song just for me.

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