Chris Brown accused of apparent theft

Chris Brown at the 2012 Grammy Awards
Singer Chris Brown has been accused of stealing an iPhone from a fan in Miami, reports the It is alleged that the 23-year-old singer grabbed the phone from fan Christal Spann after she took photos of the Grammy Award-winning singer and he became aggravated by it. Christal claims that the singer yelled at her, “B***h, you ain’t going to put that on the Internet”, grabbed her phone and drove off in his Bentley. The singer is currently on probation for assaulting his former girlfriend, Rihanna, four years ago. If he is arrested, his probation for his felony battery charge against Rihanna it likely to be revoked. If that should happen, Chris could spend time in jail for violation of probation, despite whether or not he is actually found guilty of theft. At least Chris is still making some groovy music that makes us dance. Let's hope this incident turns out for the best for the singer. . .