Coldplay: “We regret naming album Mylo Xyloto”

Frontman of Coldplay Chris Martin told the TV show Good Morning America that they regret naming their latest CD Mylo Xyloto, reports Digital Spy. Chris and the band, who toured South Africa for the first time last year, performed two songs, Paradise and Charlie Brown, on the show. When asked about the title of the CD, Chris said. "It's just something that we thought looked really good, but everywhere we go around the world people pronounce it in the most crazy wasy. And we're beginning the regret it now." He added: "We did take a gun and kind of shoot it right at our shoes [by calling it Mylo Xyloto]. It's just an attempt to... it just feels fresh to us, it's new. It doesn't mean anything except that [album's] music. It sort of has a nice appearance to it, with all those 'o's. We had it on one of our many lists for about two years and, for all the other titles that were suggested, it kept winning."