Enrique Iglesias: It’s all about love

Enrique with Lucas and Grammy
Spanish heartthrob Enrique Iglesias is very comfortable of using love as a theme in his music, “because everyone knows the feeling,” he told music-news.com. The singer, who is famous for his romantic ballads and sexy love songs, explained to Parade magazine, “it's the one thing we all have in commong. 90% of music Ninety per cent of music tackles that subject because everyone - no matter how old, what religion, or what nationality - knows those feelings”. Enrique spent much of last year on an international tour. The star has revealed what precious keepsakes he took with him to remind him of home. 'I have a picture of my two dogs, Lucas and Grammy,' he admitted. 'Grammy passed away in 2010. That dog was like a human - he would get sad when I packed my bags. It was like losing one of my best friends.”