Jake Gyllenhaal's musical venture

Jake Gyllenhaal
The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time actor Jake Gyllenhaal has crossed over to the music side. Digital Spy reports Jake plays a serial killer in the French electro band The Shoes latest music video for their song Time To Dance. Apparently the video features a number of gruesome murders. Fans of the band will see Jake stabbing and slicing people with a fencing sword while dressed in a crisp white outfit with a protective mask.
The Shoes said of the video: "When we released the 'Stay The Same' music video last year with Daniel Wolfe, we were so blown away by his work that we had to bring him back for the 'Time To Dance' video. "No other director understood our music like he did. We gave him our track, and today, he gives us the best music video, starring one of our favourite actors, Jake Gyllenhaal. We still can't believe it!" Go check out the video HERE!