Johnny Depp & son on new Marilyn Manson CD

Johnny Depp & Marilyn Manson
Actor Johnny Depp is playing drums and lead guitar on the new Marilyn Manson CD, Born Villain. Marilyn told MTV News that Johnny will appear on a bonus track on the CD, where they cover Carly Simon's hit song You're So Vain. "We did a cover version together of a song which we thought was ironic for each other," Manson told MTV News."He played drums and lead guitar, and I played guitar and sang. It's a bonus track on my record and the video will probably be us looking at each other like a mirror." Marilyn said that the Pirates of the Caribbean star's 9-year-old son also features on the track. "Johnny's son Jack - whose birthday I'm gonna be performing at - was in the room and he actually played on the song too," he explained. "It's pretty cool." Marilyn added of his friendship with Depp: "I met Johnny when I was 19 when I was an extra on 21 Jump Street. I bought his daughter her first pair of high heels when she was wearing diapers, so we've been friends for a long time." Born Villain will be released on 1 May.  Listen to Marilyn’s new glam rock song No Reflection from the new CD, HERE!
* Johnny Depp revealed in 2005 that his portrayal of Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was based on Marilyn Manson.