NEW CD! The Muses - Pop on Strings

Fusing classical instruments with contemporary music, The Muses are a sensational Electrical String Quartet based in Johannesburg.  The Muses are all highly trained professional musicians with a love and passion for entertaining. This April they release Pop On Strings (performed by The Muses), a collection of current pop hits, performed in its classical style.  The album is made up of beautifully arranged pieces of songs like Firework, Party Rock Anthem and Only Girl In The world. This debut album from the beautiful foursome has been arranged by esteemed composer, Mark Cheyne. Bringing style to any performance or event with their breath-taking stage presence and high energy shows, The Muses are sure to string you along on a cloud of sophistication.  They have performed at many high profile events including The Guess Summer 2012 Fashion Show and the launch of the Mercedes CLS, the Gelanderw√•gen and the Freightliner launches in Namibia as well as recently performing in the Seychelles.


  1. Breath taking thier performance is,they just encouraged me to atleast learn how to play one instrument.they awsome one would like to see them live again.muses!


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