Tyga - Careless World: Rise Of The Last King

Names can speak volumes. Worth a thousand words, a name will automatically alert others of intension, persona, and, of course, vibe. The right moniker can give people a lasting impression so it's important to choose wisely and very carefully. By the time he was 12, Michael Nguyen Stevenson was already known around his neighborhood as Tiger. Stevenson’s mother thought he resembled professional golfer Tiger Woods and the nickname stuck with both friends and family. Soon after, Stevenson set his sights on becoming a rapper and thought that he needed a new handle. Tiger wasn’t going to cut it, but rather than totally change his name, he simply tweaked it and came up with Tyga. The new name is more than a simple alias. It's an acronym for Thank You God Always. “I wanted to switch up the spelling of my name and I really wanted it to mean something,” Tyga says. “I decided on Thank You God Always because it’s really spiritual. The name gives me peace of mind and keeps me grounded everywhere I go. You have to be balanced and I just feel like my name keeps me in that state of mind wherever I’m at.” Tyga’s highly anticipated debut album, Careless World: Rise of The Last King, which includes the debut single “Far Away” featuring Cash Money artist Chris Richardson. "Far Away" is a heartfelt pop hip hop gem about "the one that got away". Tyga paints a vivid picture of the distance between two people as Chris Richardson croons out an infectious, soaring hook. The song's follow-up single, "Still Got It", is equally explosive. A smooth beat snaps into some airtight rap mastery from Tyga and Young Money label-mate Drake. It rekindles the flame for an old love with vivid and vibrant wordplay. Both songs fittingly introduce Careless World. “It’s going to be like a storybook, my vision on the world,” Tyga says of his album. “It’s almost made up into a book, a dream. I’m taking everything that I’ve been through. I’m writing my own life story and how things go in this place that I call Careless World.” Everyone will undoubtedly remember Tyga's name after entering this World.