CD REVIEW: Florence + The Machine - MTV Unplugged

In the good old days of MTV, when it actually delivered great music shows before it became reality based TV channel, they had these amazing MTV Unplugged sessions, which featured artists like Nirvana, Bjork, REM and many more. Then it stopped. Abruptly. But it seems the MTV Unplugged series is getting a revival with the release of Florence + The Machine - MTV Unplugged CD/DVD. The fiery red head Florence Welsh and her band is possibly a good choice to renew the franchise, or rather, the franchise's by-product (the physical CD/DVD merchandise) in that she might appeal to teeny tweenies and on up through Gen Y and X to some boomers. On Unplugged, she intensifies the turbulence of her LPs and adds two covers, including a hushed "Try a Little Tenderness" that stands as the best version since Otis Redding's. While the harp, violins and choir remain delicate, Welch erupts into wild, simmering high notes, most notably on "No Light, No Light." Her singing is stunning.  The removal of the digital processing and production isn't much of a sacrifice as these musicians ably create lush, evocative atmosphere for Welch's enchanting voice. She sparkles and dazzles, passionately interpreting her material, especially "Never Let Me Go."