Drake working on a new Aaliyah album?

Rapper Drake might be working on a new Aaliyah music project. The rapper and actor has been busy promoting his sophomore album Take Care, released last November and he suggested that he could be working on a posthumous collaboration with Aaliyah, reports Digital Spy."I have some great Aaliyah news coming soon," Drake told Tim Westwood in an interview. "Some special things." On 25 August 2001, Aaliyah boarded a plane along with members of her record label after she finished filming her 'Rock the Boat' music video. The plane crashed shortly after takeoff at The Bahamas. Last month, her former producer hinted that a posthumous album of unreleased material may be out in the future. Drake, however, refused to elaborate when Westwood asked him if his news had anything do with the rumoured record. "Just some special things, you know," Drake teased. "Great things for music, period." Drake previously wrote a letter to Aaliyah on the ninth anniversary of her death, in which he shared that he was "truly in love" with her. Back in 2009, he posted on Twitter: 'I miss Aaliyah... I hope you hear the words in my music and smile knowing you inspired them all." "I think more than anything Aaliyah always made music that was never uncomfortable for me to listen to," he told Westwood. "You know it's hard for me to ride around to a female singer because at the end of the day, you're a man, but she always kept it so G with the writing and the melodies. It was something to ride to, especially when it was chopped and crewed. That's when I used to love Aaliyah the most."