End of the Gorillaz . .

Jamie Hewlett, Damon Albarn with Gorillaz (back)
It seems it's the end of the animated music group, Gorillaz. Damon Albarn told The Guardian that more Gorillaz music is "unlikely". The Blur front man revealed that he and Jamie Hewlett had fallen out while making latest LP The Fall. "I think we were at cross purposes somewhat on that last record, which is a shame," he said. When pressed on whether he is no longer on friendly terms with Hewlett, Damon admitted: "That sounds very juvenile, doesn't it? But being juvenile about it, it happens. It's a shame." The 44-year-old singer-songwriter added that a reunion is "unlikely" unless "a time comes when that knot has been untied". Formed in 1998, Gorillaz have released three platinum-selling albums, peaking with 2005's Demon Days.