SONG REVIEW! Wiz Khalifa - Work Hard, Play Hard

Pittsburgh rap star Wiz Khalifa, who had us bopping with Black & Yellow, gives some solid career and life advice on his new song Work Hard, Play Hard: “The quicker you’re here, the faster you go / That’s why from where I’m from the only thing we know is work hard, play hard”. The song is the first single from his highly anticipated second CD, O.N.I.F.C., which should be released later this year. Work Hard, Play Hard features an openly banger of a beat full of enough bass to set off an earthquake and instantly addictive synth lines before flipping into a more openly pop hook. Vocally Wiz follows the instrumental’s lead, laying down line after line aimed at letting the world know that all that hard work has paid off very, very nicely: “I got so much money I should start a bank / so much paper right in front of me it’s hard to think.” Listen to the track HERE!