VanFokKingTasties - Acoustic album

Four of South Africa’s most well-known bands are coming together to deliver the VanFokKingTasties Acoustic album. Van Coke Kartel, Fokofpolisiekar, aKING and Die Heuwels Fantasties are each creating two acoustic versions of old favourites and will also introduce a brand new track each on the album. The album will be released by Supra Familias at the end of April or the very beginning of May.  The guys will take to the road to launch this album. VanFokKingTasties presents a rare opportunity for the whole family to enjoy the album and the shows together. aKING, Die Heuwels Fantasties and Van Coke Kartel have been nominated for SAMA Awards this year.  aKING and Van Coke Kartel received nominations in the ‘Best Rock Album’ category and Die Heuwels Fantasties was nominated in the ‘Best Alternative Album’ category. The bands had the following to say about the CD:

VanFokKingTasties (Manfred Werner)
Voor ons stof word:  “This was the biggest single from the ‘Skop, Skiet en Donner’ album.  It is a mellower version of the original track.”
Buitenkant II:  “A dark and melancholy version with violin and cello.”
Almal is bang – new track:  “This is VCK’s new hit.  The tune has an old school rock feeling, but can also remind you of the grunge era. Who’s afraid?  Everyone is afraid.”

Vasbeslote Korporasie Deel 1: “This is a lekker hard song from the album ‘Swanesang’. We thought that it would be interesting to make this song mellow.  We are going to keep this track simple and eerie.”
Dagdronk – new track:  “A new happy song. It is the first time in four years that we are writing a song together, so it will be different from the other songs.  Maybe like ‘Vasbeslote Korporasie Deel 2’ or ‘’ ‘Íllusie van Veiligheid’.”
The third Fokofpolisiekar song is still cloaked in mystery and will be announced at a later stage.

Facebrick Constellations:  “This was an older song that always had the potential to be a nice folk-rock song.  It turned out like a story-telling cowboy song.  Pierre-Arnold Theron and Jacques du Plessis from ‘Mr Cat and the Jackal’ joined us on percussion and piano.”
In the twilight:  “We have only released this song online.  It was cool to re-work this song without the choir and to bring it back to our band’s sound.  Jacques and Pierre from ‘Mr Cat and the Jackal’ added texture on percussion and garden saw.”
Dead End Ave. – new song:  “This is a song that I (Laudo) wrote over the holidays.  It is a feel-good folk song about two lovers who are at a crossroad in their lives.”

In en Uit:  “We approached this song in a ‘Shins’ manner, with a bit of a swing.”
Nare Kaskenades:  “This song was originally written on acoustic guitar and then it became a hard dance number on our first album.  We like the song in its original format and other people may enjoy it that way too.”
Tyd (working title) – new track:  “It’s not completely finished yet, but Hunter will sing on this song.  It’s our new song!”