CD REVIEW! Gossip - A Joyful Noise

American indie group Gossip had fans in their hands with their electro-punk influenced Music For Men CD. But with their new CD, A Joyful Noise, singer Beth Ditto and her group roped in the help of Girls Aloud producer Brian Higgins. No wonder we heard hints of ABBA and Madonna on this very poppy CD! Beth says she prepared for the album by listening to Abba, and she takes on these fizzing, electronic melodies just as that band might have, applying a topcoat of gloss and an under layer of tenderness and ire. A Joyful Noise grows on you. It's not the break-out rock on music we're used to know, but rather a fluffy Gossip with a CD that might producer some hits! Watch the video for their new song, Move In The Right Direction, HERE!