The Darkness returns..

The Darkness (Credit: Scarlet Page)
British rock band The Darkness have confirmed they will release their third studio album on 20 August 2012.  ‘Hot Cakes’ will be released was produced by Justin and Dan Hawkins along with their long-time collaborator, Nick Brine and mixed by Bob Ezrin. After six years of impatient waiting, fans can expect a musical explosion of multi-platinum rock riffs, pop hooks, and the best infectious choruses and balls-out stadium anthems around. Speaking to NME previously about the album, Justin Hawkins revealed that the record's first single will be titled 'Every Inch Of You' and that half of the album will be "really old school AC/DC guitar rock". He also said that the album will feature some "extreme metal". He said: The first single is going to 'Every Inch Of You'. Half of the record is really old school AC/DC guitar rock and some of it's a bit more luxurious and layered, a bit like the first album. But there is also some more extreme metal on it. It's a classic The Darkness album really. We always did take that approach but on the last record we just carried on adding more and more stuff to everything. Nobody stopped us and we just got carried away I think."