In Da House with Deepa Trybz

Deepa Trybz
New local deep house sensation Deepa Trybz is definitely a group to watch out for. Their song Deepa Trybz is racing up charts around the country and their debut CD is almost ready for release. Sipho Sithole believes their forthcoming album is destined to become a household name, not only for those who love house music, but music lovers at large, who will identify with the musicality of the offering – Deepa Trybz has already created a wide admiration from deep house music lovers with their self-titled single after the song received huge reception after debuting on radio.  And their forthcoming album scheduled for release next month boasting huge tracks such as ’Carry You’, ‘Mantombi’, ‘“Qoqosha’, as well as Black Coffee’s ‘Save Me’. Deepa Trybz attempts to demystify the myth surrounding “tribal house” as a sub-genre of house music.  Contrary to popular belief that it’s rare to find core melody or prolonged synth common to house music in tribal house tracks – Deepa Trybz has defied the norms of deep house music through their combination of soulful vocals and deep house, coupled with a touch of blues. The crew’s display of artistic brilliance is evident in the way ‘Tylo’ weaves lyrics laced with beautiful melodies whilst ‘Pat4’ provides a carpet of continuous harmonies. Listen to their self titled song HERE!