Justin Bieber's special Mother's Day present

Justin and mom Pattie
Teen heartthrob Justin Bieber is planning on spoiling moms everywhere. Huffingtonpost reports that Justin tweeted Monday that he's releasing the song "Turn To You" as both a tribute to his mother and a way to help mom’s in need. "Think im gonna release #TurnToYOU for my mom this friday for mother's day weekend," Bieber tweeted. "The proceeds will go to help other single moms. thanks." The “Baby” singer has seen firsthand the challenges that single mother’s face. His mom, Pattie Mallette, became pregnant with her son at 18 and raised him on her own, Contactmusic.com reports. Justin told MTV he wants the world to know how thankful he is for her courage. "It's about the struggles, I say in the song," Bieber told MTV. "She had me at like the age I am now. It's about just the struggles she went through and how brave she was, and I think the world needed to know that." Listen to Justin Bieber's track Turn To You HERE!