Lady Gaga “heading to South Africa”

It all started with a little tweet by @Cherryflava on Twitter on the afternoon of Thursday 31 May: “@LadyGaga is coming to South Africa in October.” As we have learnt by now, never trust a rumour, it can go viral and just lead to disappointment. But, we’ve also learnt that a confirmation starts with a little rumour. Point in case being U2 who brought their 360° World Tour to SA in February 2011. The rumour started on the Internet. Although denied by “official companies”, it was later confirmed. So, now it’s Lady Gaga’s turn. The pop singer is according to trusted intel apparently touching down in South Africa in October as part of her Born This Way Ball Tour. If one looks at her October tour schedule, her last stop is Spain on 6 October, which leaves her the rest of the month open to perform in South Africa! Trusted intel also linked a very well known concert promoter to the tour. As yet, no official statement has been released. All we can say is AMEN! (if true) and start saving for the concert of the year!!