Lady Gaga to tour South Africa?

Lady Gaga
Rumours are rife that Mamma Monster Lady Gaga might bring her Born This Way Ball to South Africa. As the singer is facing big trouble from protest groups and that she has now canceled a show in Jakarta, the rumours are spreading fast that she might visit our shores, soon. The Beat contacted Big Concerts, and this is what they had to say:  "We can neither confirm or deny that she is touring this year..." and when we asked for hi-res images, they said: "When and if she is confirmed we'll shall be sure to send on pics" Any good music journalist will know to read between the lines if a company replies to queries like that. The previous time questions were answered like that, was when it was rumoured that U2 would tour South Africa, and, they did. So, here we are hoping that Mamma Gaga really brings her Born This Way Ball to South Africa.