The NEW Smashing Pumpkins CD

Imagine Oceania. That’s what rockers The Smashing Pumpkins are asking their fans to do for the 13 songs on their new album OCEANIA, out on 19 June. Longtime fans of the visual arts - including their groundbreaking music videos and memorable album covers/packaging -  the band want to inspire creativity and evoke ones personal vision for each song, simply based on the title. That’s the idea behind their new social media endeavor, whereby fans can create their own imagery for any of the album’s 13 songs, tag them with #SPoceania and share them with each other via Instagram, Pinterest, Deviantart and Facebook and Twitter.  The band will also share, like and repost and repin on the official Smashing Pumpkins social sites and some images may end up on the official website. Artists can utilize photos, designs, paintings and words to imagine their own vision of the  songs on OCEANIA  including “Quasar,” “Panopticon,” “The Celestials,” “Violet Rays,” “My Love is Winter,” “One Diamond, One Heart,” “Pinwheels,” “Oceania,” “Pale Horse,” “The Chimera,” “Glissandra,” “Inkless” and “Wildflower.”  For more information on the campaign go to