SINGLE REVIEW! Rihanna: 'Where Have You Been'

Rihanna's new smash single Where Have You Been, which is on her latest album 'Talk that talk' is a summer track. Fresh and dance-able. Over a cantering electro beat, she belts out her desire to find a man who can satisfy her, ahem, animalistic needs, calling: "Where have you been all my li-i-i-i-i-fe" over a strobing trance section that ends in a synth-squelching breakdown. Like Rihanna herself, it's hectic, confident and unashamedly sexual. Like on most Calvin Harris productions, "Where Have You Been" may sound a bit underwhelming and simplistic at first. However, you will soon realize how easily the song's hook worms its way into your consciousness. The two building choruses that lead into a dub-step influenced breakdown are exhilarating. It won't be long before you are eager to hear the song again each time it comes to an end. "Where Have You Been" is the soundtrack for the search for a perfect lover on the dance floor, and it ends with the search still continuing. Well done Riri!!! Watch the VIDEO for the song HERE!