Backstreet Boys star Kevin Richardson talks new music, a big tour and vampire movies

Kevin Richardson
With Irish heartthrobs Westlife closing the chapter on their music career, their American counterparts the Backstreet Boys are recording new music! Backstreet Boys singer Kevin Richardson told eonline "We go into the studio next month in London. Start recording our next album together, all five of us. And next year in 2013 will be our 20th anniversary. April of 2013 will be 20 years. We're going to release the album and put together a tour, a world tour. I'm sure on that day we'll have some kind of a big bash as well." Kevin will be starring in a vampire movie called Bloody Indulgent. "I play a drug-addict vampire. He's got a lot of different things going on with him. A lot of different issues he's trying to work through". He confesses that he hasn't seen any of the Twilight movies, but do watch the vampire series True Blood. "I haven't seen any of the Twilight films. I do watch True Blood. I enjoy True Blood. Sometimes it's a little campy and out there but that's fun too sometimes. I've always loved vampire films."