Die Tuindwergies – Terwyl die Donker Wolke Dans

Local rockers Die Tuindwergies will be releasing their second full length album “Terwyl die Donker Wolke Dans”  on 2 July 2012. The band will introduce the new album to fans with a national launch tour in July. With a combination of country, folk and rock influences, Die Tuindwergies introduces a new season for Afrikaans music “Terwyl die Donker Wolke Dans” is like that old pair of jeans in your cupboard, no need to go on about it, it just fits comfortably. The songs weave into each other seamlessly and the more listens to the album, the more one discovers the depth of the music, lyrics and production.  The songs are original and were written by bandmembers Emile Swiegers and Pieter de Jager (except for their cover version of Meisie sonder Sokkies by David Kramer.) The band is made up of two sets of brothers, both from talented musical families. Have a listen to their new single HERE!