Extra Red Hot Chili Peppers music

Red Hot Chili Peppers
If you are yearning for more HOT new music by rockers Red Hot Chili Peppers, then wait no more! The band have 18 new tracks on the way to be released over the next 6 months and all on 7inch vinyl as well as digital. Music-news reports that all of the songs were recorded for but not used in the recent 'I'm With You' album. "Finding songs that seem to want to join hands with others is a special task that require the right people. and the right songs!" said RHCP guitarist Josh Klinghoffer. "Some songs seem to have a lot more of an agenda than others. Some songs play well with others and some songs need more attention and a little extra care. Here are some songs that seemed to want to pair up and take a later train. Keep your eye on them, they're up to something." The first batch of songs will be available from 14 August 2012 and the final release will be in early 2013.