Katy Perry's East Coast Radio dilemma

Katy Perry in her music video for Last Friday Night
Someone in South Africa is not a fan Katy Perry's massive hit Last Friday Night. The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) released a statement on Tuesday where it stated that a listener to East Coast Radio in KwaZulu-Natal complained to the BCCSA that the lyrics of Last Friday Night "are laden with subliminal messages about sex and illegal behaviour, which could ultimately affect children’s behaviour". The complainant stated that "The song is very offensive to me as well as to children for the message that its sending. Please take note of the subliminal messages from the famous well known chorus:
1. Nudity – We went streaking in the park
2. Nudity again – Skinny dipping in the dark
3. In-appropriate sexual behaviour (threesome orgy)– ménage à trois
4. Law Breaking – Yeah I think we broke the law
5. Encouragement to do it AGAIN – This Friday night Do it all again
One very effective way to teach children to remember a message is through songs as it also works subliminally. And this is what is coming out of our media in RSA and CAME THIS MORNING THROUGH EAST COAST RADIO!" The BCCSA Tribunal "found that there was no violation of the Broadcasting Code. The fact that some citizens may find the words of these songs offensive does not justify a general finding by the Commission that would have a substantially negative impact on freedom of expression in general. The appeal against the adjudication was not upheld."