New music from former Evolver One lead singer

Peter Pote (Credit: Sean Brand)
Peter Pote, former front man of Evolver One, has teamed up with producer Mark Beling and released his debut solo single Thunder Rose, which is available as a free download on  This edgy yet melodic rock track highlights Pote’s raspy and powerful vocal abilities and once again proves beyond a doubt that he is by far of South Africa’s best songwriters. The imagery in the title shows the strong contrast between thunder, a very powerful force of nature, next to a rose, which is beautiful and very delicate. “Both these images made me think that we are like this in our make up as human beings, that we possess these opposites the ying and the yang if you like,” reflected Peter on the lyrics of the song, “Sometimes we are strong and other days we just want to hide away from the world and stay in bed, yet we all have an inner voice that urges us to push on through to carry on, no matter what we are going through.” Peter went into studio in May to record the track with the former Mean Mr Mustard lead singer and songwriter. “I enjoyed working with Mark and he really understood and delivered what I wanted – simplicity, with talking guitars and enough space to let my vocals soar,” continued Peter.