Usher’s digital dancers

R&B hottie Usher's fans are getting the chance to be 'digital dancers' for his London show on 11 June. The show, which takes place at the Hammersmith Apollo, will make use of cutting-edge technology to allow fans to create their own avatars and be digitally imposed on stage with the singer during the song Scream, reports Billboard. The performance will also incorporate live tweeting from the audience and a real-time camera feed from the booth of concert director Hamish Hamilton, The New York Times reports. Hamilton, whose previous credits include Madonna's half-time Superbowl show in February, stressed that the technology was still very much in development, despite the concert being less than two weeks away. He commented: "We know that the principles work - now we have to ensure that we can create this in a way that is live and interactive. "There are literally people at computer programmes all around the world as we speak, trying to work out the way of doing it." This is the second time in recent months that on-stage digital technology has grabbed headlines, after the holographic appearance of deceased rapper Tupac Shakur at this year's Coachella.