ChianoSky reaching for the stars

Burning beauty ChianoSky
ChianoSky is bewitching, beautiful and bubbly. The 19-year old singer is burning up the charts with her songs Sick Sick, Walking Away and she has just released her new CD, Hungry. “I am still getting use to all the attention,” the model (yes, the beauty is a model!) gushed when she came to visit THE BEAT, and adds, “but I am loving it.” ChianoSky was born in Cape Town and grew up in Johannesburg and made her breakthrough when well known DJ Paul Almeida gave her his business card and asked her to send him some of her songs. “I was waitressing in Johannesburg and a friend of a friend told him about me. He came in, saw me and gave me his card. He liked what he heard and immediately put me in contact with EMI record company.” When we asked her about her unique name, she just laughed. “You know, when I was in primary school, I sometimes wished I had a more ‘normal’ name.” 
The Beat with ChianoSky
She explained that her mom new someone called Luciano “and my she is used Ciano and combined it with sky, which is freedom and the sky’s the limit. As you can notice, my mom is very artistic.” However, her friends and close family calls her Chee-Chee, “it’s so sweet.” She says that no one in their family was ever musically inclined, but she loved music from a young age and used to give her family mini-concerts. “Since a young age I loved the music of Nina Simone, Diana Ross and later started to listen to Amy Winehouse as well.” However, she confesses, “although I’m not a big pop music lover, I love the music of Kylie Minogue.” And her favourite song to sing in the shower? “Probably a Nina Simone or Diana Ross song.” Things in a guy that catches her eye is fun. “Humour plays a big role. Not so much on looks at all. Someone who is supportive helps and who also is down to earth makes my heart jump.” Since we last spoke to her in February, where she said that she’s single, things have changed and she is seeing someone at the moment. “But I want to keep my personal life private.” Respect. The worst pick-up line she used on her: “Darling, you owe my an ice cream because when I saw you, I dropped mine. Needless to say that didn’t work at all!” With her popularity growing by leaps and bounds, we had to ask if she ever had a strange fan encounter. “Once there was someone who contact me and asked if I’m into voyeurism. At the time I didn’t know what I meant, but I Googled it and when I saw the definition, I immediately blocked the person!”