Elan Lea: The Cool Dude Of Music

Elan Lea (Credit: Famemagazine.co.uk)
Speaking to South African singer/songwriter Elan Lea is like talking to you best buddy. He is cool, calm, charming and he have a very infectious laugh. Elan is riding the wave of success with his new CD, Conversations Over Time. "You know, I didn't have a title for the CD when recording it, but half way into writing the songs, I realised that the songs are like conversations I had with people over the years," he explained the title of the CD. Another big accomplishment for him on the CD was working and recording with the late Bee Gees member, Robin Gibb. "I got introduced to him when I was in London. I was so star struck when I met him, all I could get utter was, 'Oh My God, you're Robin Gibb!', on which he replied, 'Yes, I am." Elan stayed in Robin's home and with his family and he taught him more than a thing or two about writing music. "I was sad when I heard of his death. There aren't too many people out there who have the privilege of singing and writing a duet with a Bee Fee. It was an honour I will cherish forever." Elan was a rising star at age 17 when he dominated the airwaves with his first hit, Hold Me In Your Arms. "Looking back now, I think it was very gutsy of me to open myself to the wide public with the honest lyrics." But he confesses that things went cold when he and his team didn't followed up on the success of the single. It was only later that he travelled to the UK and the USA to work on new material that the sun shined for him again. The new CD follows on the success of his previous CD, My Only Excuse. "For the new CD, I looked for inspiration not only in my own life, but also from friends, and the people around me." Elan and his team is also on the search for a new leading lady for a new music video. The search is promoted on all social networks and the name of the lucky girl should be announced by August. "Basically, we're looking for a classy Bond type kind of girl. Smooth, yet naughty," he says with a laugh. And yes lady, Elan is single - "very much single". If you want to win his heart over, just "be yourself. Be honest. Be you."