Fancy winning House Of Coffee hampers?

[ADVERTORIAL] Introducing Confessions, the latest sensation in pure filtered coffee from the House of Coffees.  PLUNGE INTO PLEASURE with a range of MASTERFULLY BLENDED coffee beans, roasted, blended and ground to perfection.
Java Seduction – a light roast with a touch of caramel and vanilla
Light Addiction – a light roast with traces of berry and toasted almonds
Daily Obsession – a medium roast with hints of chocolate and caramelized sugar
Dark Temptation – a dark roast with fruity undertones
CONFESS AND YOU COULD WIN R5000! Sometimes it pays to confess. Tweet your confession with the #HOCconfessions, then tune into Gareth Cliff’s show all this week. If he calls you and you confess to your sordid little secret live on air, the money is yours. Remember to answer Gareth’s call with: It pays to confess with the House of Coffees Confessions.