Justin Bieber's "scariest" moments

Justin Bieber
Why there are still no official announcement if teen heart throb Justin Bieber is touring South Africa or not, Q Magazine revealed some of the singer's "scariest" moment. Justin was surprised to find a plastic golf club and cereal amongst his fan mail. The singer loves golf and regularly plays the sport in his spare time. Justin was shocked when one fan decided to kit him out. "I've got a plastic golf club from a fan that was like signed by their whole family,' he told Q magazine. 'I was like, 'Why's it signed by your family, are you guys famous or something?'' When asked about other odd items he's received, Justin continued: "A cereal box with cereal in it. 'Here you go, I got you this cereal. Hope you like it.' Weird." Justin's followers, referred to as Beliebers, are known to be fanatical about the 18-year old. Fortunately, Justin has his bodyguard Kenny to help out if a situation becomes frightening. 'I was on my Segway and I thought I was just going to roll away from them but the Segway broke,' he recalled when asked about his scariest moment. "The fans all surrounded me and I was by myself.  There was like 100 of them, soon to be 1,000. I ran as fast as I could to Kenny."