Linkin Park - Reanimation: 10 Years Later

As South African Linkin Park fans start to prepare themselves for the band's first tour of South Africa in November, the band celebrated the 10th  anniversary of their Hybrid Theory Remix album Reanimation. The CD was released on 30 July 2002. In what many critics saw as a highly risky move, the band decided to build on the immense success they had with Hybrid Theory by remixing the entire album and opening the door for various artists and producers to break down the foundations and add their own little twists and tweaks. The end product was a solid mix of massive electronic sounds, urban style hip hop beats, heavy guitars and entire restructuring of the songs that had made Hybrid Theory the best selling album of 2001. Reanimation remains the band's only album to feature guest artists appearing on a Linkin Park album. Hybrid Theory's album artwork was also tweaked such as the Hybrid Soldier that had become synonymous as the symbol of the album as reinvented as a more robotic figure to represent a further evolution in the band's progress. All in all, Reanimation was a gutsy move that paid off well.