New P!nk song rocks!

Oh, how we've missed her P!nk! Now she's back with a brand new track, Blow Me (One Last Kiss). P!nk hasn't had a new album since 2008's Funhouse and her new song is all about fun! It's a familiar JoanJett-on-the-dancefloor pop. At the helm of the new P!nk is producer Greg Kurstin, who recently helmed Kelly Clarkson's No. 1 single "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" and The Shins' "Port of Morrow" album. The result is classic Pink, complete with a swear-jar-worthy chorus ("shit" is used four times) and an abrupt key change that only a singer like her could pull off. An empowering breakup anthem in the vein of "So What," "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)" is a welcome return to form for Pink. Listen to the new song HERE!