P!nk nervous about new CD

P!nk (Credit: hmusix.com)
Singer P!nk gets scared when she listen to her new CD, The Truth About Love. Music-news reported that the singer's new record contains more upbeat tracks than can usually be heard on her releases. She is known for her angry outbursts, unusual genre mixing and unexplainable lyrics and Pink admits the thought that she has become a changed person is frightening. "Listening back on this album as a whole thing, it's still a clusterf**k," P!nk told MTV.com. "But I realise I must be happier, because it's a lot of dancing and rock and roll, I don't know, it's kind of scaring me." The album is centred on the theme of love, both running from it and eventually finding it. It represents a journey which is based on P!nk's own lifelong struggles with being accepted and making connections with people. Although she now has everything she was looking for - love, marriage and a child ' Pink still finds it hard to believe she is happy. "I used to be really motivated to do really dangerous and stupid things for love, and I was really fearful of love, when I was a little girl, 'love' meant fighting and bickering and losing your parents. But now love is also having a child and unconditional and beautiful and, with my husband, sexual," P!nk said. "I don't know what I'm doing when I go in to record an album, so I think that's the theme: questions and experiences and running from - and running to - love."