REVIEW! Lady Gaga - Live (Perth)

Lady Gaga in Perth
EXCLUSIVE!! Lady Gaga is going to blow South Africans away with her Born This Way concert series in November and December. Yes fellow little monster, The Beat got an exclusive insight into what fans can expect when we spoke to two Gaga fans in Perth, Australia, where the singer performed at the Burswood Dome over the weekend. One thing that came out of the comments after the show, is that fans must have an open mind when going to the South African leg of the show. Tertia Le Roux, a South African now living in Perth, said that the most shocking moment for her was when Born This Way played. "She gave birth to herself! When the light went on, this was a giant vagina on stage, with two legs, and after a lot of moaning and groaning, Lady Gagy climbed out of the vagina! Yes, a typical Gaga moment."
Tertia & Elmari
The fans

But, she added that next to them in the stadium was a mother and her two "adult" daughter who got up and left the concert after that scene on stage. For Elmari du Plessis, another South African now living in Perth, the best part was the opening. "She came on riding a horse. The whole stage was a castle and each band member had his/her own little Perspex/glass chamber where they played their instruments." And she added that Gaga had various outfits for each song, "from a meat dress to a latex dress". And the wow factor? Yes, it was there, "she interacted with the crowd in an amazing way". Especially when she got on her 3-wheel motorcycle and sang the new (controversial) Princess Di followed by Hair and You and I. The show lasted about two hours and she sang all of her hits. Both South Africans agreed that little monsters in South Africa are in for a Ball when the show hits our shores.