Skunk Anansie is back with new kick-ass CD

Rockers Skunk Anansie recently announced that they will be releasing a new studio album in September, titled Black Traffic, reports The album, released on September 17, is the band's first independent release via their own label and marks their return, since they reunited in 2009 after an eight-year stint in the music world. Singer Skin told NME: "We've wanted to be in charge of our own destiny for many years. The doom and gloom merchants may whine about the music industry, but we've seen it as a positive chance to re-invent how we work and take more control over our art form." The iconic singer continued: "With our new album Black Traffic and new label we are really excited with the future of Skunk, this is my personal favourite as an album, even better than Wonderlustre which spawned some great songs. We're back, and – f**k me – we're gonna enjoy every last minute of it!"