Trey Songz oozes love in Simply Amazing video

Trey Songz "50 Shades of Trey" in his new music video!
R&B heartthrob Trey Songz is oozing romance in the music video for his new single, Simply Amazing. And yes, it's simply amazing! In the song, Trigga lets it be known he's "a man that doesn't believe in much," but it's evident that's not the case when it comes to believing in love. After all, Trey's literally singing his deepest thoughts to the world. Speaking on the set Trey said, “I think videos have kinda gotten away from real context, and this is gonna bring that back into play, not to say we are saving anything, but it’s very true, very authentic. Trey honestly looks like he had a great time filming this, and he is absolutely showing growth with this record. The singer crafts the perfect fantasy what ladies can expect from his special brand of loving. The crooner's new record Chapter V is slated for release August 21st. After watching the video, we can defiantly say "50 Shades Of Trey!" See all the behind the scenes action of the video.