We Will Rock You! Queen with Adam Lambert

Queen guitarits Brian May with Adam Lambert
There is and will only be one rock legend: Freddie Mercury. Since the death of the Queen flamboyant front man, the rock world has been a poorer place. Their music was legendary and their performances over the top. Now, the remaining members of Queen have returned to the stage with American Idol season 8 runner-up, Adam Lambert as front man. The 'newly' reformed Queen played their first show on Saturday 30 June in the Ukraine. Clad in a spiked black leather jacket and exploding with the spirit of arena rock, Lambert kicked off a triumphant evening (the show was part of a joint concert with Elton John to benefit the Elena Pinchuk ANTIAIDS Foundation) with a command: “This is rock 'n' roll, I want to see some ass!” Confident and assuredly in control, Lambert led the crowd through an exhilarating version of the group’s “Fat Bottomed Girls," sharing an undeniable chemistry with May and leading the raucous Kiev crowd through a majestic two-hour extravaganza that included an action-packed set list of Queen hits and deep cuts. To his credit, Adam chose not to re-create or even mimic Mercury. His performance was purely his own, with a reverent nod to the man who created such timeless tunes. Even better, he hit all the Mercury glory notes. Watch the awesome gig HERE!