CD REVIEW! The Darkness - Wind-Up

Arena rock is back with a bang! The Darkness has reunited — and it feels so good. These British kings of bombast (who will be supporting Lady Gaga on her South African tour!) return with their first album, Wind-Up, since 2005. And yes, we have missed Justin Hawkins screeching screamer of a high voice. After seven years off, they release their third CD Hot Cakes. Justin Hawkins cheekily tells his back story: surviving on the dole till Led Zep changed his life, becoming "an Englishman with a very high voice, doing rock & roll." Hot Cakes stays amusing, mixing beer-barrel chuggers with proud schlock ballads. Sneakiest trick: going full-on metal... with a Radiohead cover. As one reviews noted: "Hot Cakes just exudes fun. It seems to wipe away a period of discord during which the band broke up and its members started other projects. You can almost see the lanky rockers jumping around, causing havoc on stage."


  1. nice just one thing the album is Titled "Hot Cakes" and it is released by Wind up records.


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