Dan Patlansky stripped. . .

Dan Patlansky (Image supplied)
Now, now, we don’t mean that he’s literally stripping…although more than a few ladies would welcome the gesture… This September the superlatively talented musician, Dan Patlansky is setting off on a first – an entirely stripped-down acoustic tour of the country – yup, he’s taking it all off…the amps, we mean… The idea for an acoustic tour was informed by Dan’s fans…they asked for it, and he is giving it to them. Like he’s never given it to them before… When Dan recently posted on Facebook that he might like to do an acoustic tour, the overwhelmingly positive response from his loyal fanbase made him decide then and there to get the wheels rolling. “I am really looking forward to this tour – it’s something that the fans have asked for directly and it’s always great to give the fans what they want. The opportunity to spend time with fans from all over the country makes it even better,” Dan said. His latest album 20 Stones, has been hailed as a critical triumph is currently available at music outlets across the country. For details on the tour, visit http://www.danpatlansky.com.